OCIMF Ship to Ship Focus Group

P66 Houston hosted the OCIMF Ship to Ship Focus Group (STSFG) in July. The first day agenda was dedicated to drafting of the Guidelines for the Handling, Storage, Inspection and Testing of STS Hoses in the Field – this was a joint industry effort and the group were joined by representatives of global STS service providers and hose manufacturers.

Dantec’s Managing Director John Laidlaw represented the composite hose industry. Dantec are delighted to be able to offer our knowledge and expertise to such a high level focus group. We hope to play our part in increasing safe practice in ship to ship transfers around the world. Mr Laidlaw would like to extend his thanks to the focus group for the invitation, and looks forward to the next meeting with the group.

See the following link for more info: newsletter

Photos used with permission of OCIMF.


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