Brexit – Business as usual – A message from the MD

Valued customer, for the past 18 months and more, Dantec have been working towards a potential so called ‘no deal’ or ‘hard exit’ scenario for Britain’s exit from the European Union. Much of this hard work has taken place ‘behind the scenes’ and few of you may realise the steps we have taken to mitigate against this eventuality, so I felt it timely to share headlines of some of the steps we have taken to ensure minimal or no interruption of supply and trouble free transactions with us…

Raw material supply chain

• Dantec implemented a strategy over this period to identify any materials previously imported which could be sourced again within the UK, purchasing test samples where applicable and ensuring conformance to quality and performance standards. This process is now complete
• Where this has not been possible we have worked with suppliers to ensure UK stockholding of intervention materials
• Dantec have, or are in process of, increasing raw material inventory levels by some 25% overall here in Moreton for immediate use. It should be noted that this has been self-funded via parent company Elaflex Gummi Ehlers group so there is no financial impact or strain
• Alternative ports have been identified and trialed for essential imported materials
• We have registered with the UK government initiative of TSP (Transitional simplified procedures)

Product availability

• Alongside the above activity to ensure we are able to manufacture products in a timely fashion we have also, or are in the process of, increasing our finished hose inventory within our sister company in Belgium, with group stocking points available in Germany, Italy & France to cover any scenario, however unlikely. We can of course co-ordinate this with no additional actions needed your side
• Apart from the hoses themselves we have end coupling and accessory stockholding strategically available


• Dantec have been exporting for over 50 years to over 50 countries worldwide so were already well placed to understand and handle the sometimes complex and detailed processes required to move our products, however
• We have doubled staff numbers in our logistics department in anticipation of increased pressures, and
• In 2018 Dantec attained approved exporter status, thus ensuring we have availability of the best possible advice and facilities to continue and increase exports
• We have provided extensive and additional training to our staff
• We have widened our portfolio of transport logistics providers to the EU and beyond
• We have registered with the UK government initiative of TSP (Transitional simplified procedures)


• By these actions and more our aim is that you will not be disadvantaged by any potential issues caused by a no deal Brexit scenario whether it be logistically, practically or financially
• We are pleased to discuss with you on a ‘case by case’ basis what we can do for you individually

We hope by sharing this with you that we have alleviated any anxieties you may have been feeling as we approach March 29th. , but if you wish to discuss any of these matters in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange this


Kindest regards and best wishes,



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