New chemical compatibility search added to the online Dantec configurator

In addition to allowing users to be able to configure an online version of their own bespoke composite hose, the Dantec configurator now has the added function of a media search.

Using the media search tool users can search via chemical name or unique CAS registry number to find the chemical compatibility of Dantec hoses and to find out which hoses are suitable for transfer.

The search tool offers hose recommendations & provides advice for suitability for permanent, intermittent and limited use transfers.

Once the hose is chosen, the user can then build their own hose and request a quotation from Dantec.

Dantec supply 66 different hose types available in sizes 1” to 10”, each hose assembly being bespoke to your requirements making 23.5 million possible hose assembly combinations (so far). This number will largely increase with added options for plugs, caps and accessories.

The configurator allows users to create and compare millions of possible hose combinations, providing purchasers with a time-saving platform without needing to look through numerous data sheets and brochures. This will give the user the ability to visualise and compare the required hose assembly.

View our Dantec configurator here –

NB: Hose recommendations are based on data of chemical transfer at ambient temperature. The hoses listed may be suitable for product transfer above this ambient temperature. Whilst the information provided is intended to assist in the selection of the best hose configuration, it is a guide only and does not guarantee suitability. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure compatibility.



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