Brexit Update

Well, It happened!

As planned, the UK left the European Union on the 31st January 2020. We had previously reported that we had taken steps necessary to maintain continuity of supply to our customers base and this has been so.

As part of the Elaflex group of companies we had prepared in advance of this scenario despite no clear external guidance as to the longer term outcomes of Brexit. In fact we already unfolded and implemented plans to mitigate any potential negative changes to our arrangements with our European customers (&International suppliers.)

These contingency plans were made well in advance(including for example strategic finished product placement outside the UK Tariff/Transport arrangements, known exporter status), to cover the Brexit period and beyond. Further arrangements will evolve as the longer term arrangements are decided and clear.

Despite and uncertainty we would encourage our customers to order as usual, we are absolutely confident of minimal impact.

Furthermore we would like to take this opportunity to state our continuous commitment to the supply and manufacture of products in line with our status as the world leader in composite hose technology.

If you have any concerns on Brexit please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation  with us.

We wish you good health and continued strong trading throughout 2020.


Best Regards,

John Laidlaw

Managing Director

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