Company History and Profile

Established in 1969, Dantec is now the most innovative manufacturer of composite hose in the world; exporting products from our UK factory, near Liverpool, to over 50 countries.

Originally, Dantec started as a gasket cutting business. However, the requirements of the largest petrochemical complex in the UK at Ellesmere Port, 10 miles from the Dantec original site, led to diversification into other industrial products, including hoses in 1977. An ever increasing demand from existing customers for a reliable supplier of composite hose, led to Dantec commencing manufacture. Continuous innovation and development have placed Dantec as the world leader in composite hose technology. At our purpose built factory in the north of England we manufacture hose from the highest specification materials to the most stringent procedures, in order to produce the highest quality and comprehensive range of composite hose.

Dantec Ltd operates from its head office and factory at Moreton, Merseyside. We have a network of assembling distribution in the United Kingdom, and many other countries. These distributors have been trained in the assembly process, and are able to fulfill their local industry’s requirements quickly and efficiently. The mutual support between Dantec and distributors is a very important part of our business. We believe that the strong relationship between the manufacturer and distributor is the recipe for long term success.

Quality system

Dantec composite hose products meet all major national and international standards and IMO, IBC and IGC codes. All marine hoses meet the requirement of the United States coastguard.

Dantec were the first composite hose manufacturer to achieve ISO9000 status, and have been registered with the British standards institute since 1988.

Environmental policy

Dantec are committed to the protection of the environment by every means commercially practicable, and the company therefore pursues a policy aimed at minimizing environmental damage and maximizing opportunities for the environmental enhancement.

Dantec managers are responsible for implementation of this policy and for ensuring that all staff are aware of the environmental implications of their activities within their own areas of responsibility.

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