Fendercare Marine is one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine services and equipment. The company approached Dantec with a view to giving practical advice on hose handling and support techniques during a typical STS (Ship to Ship) transfer operation of liquefied gases such as Butane and Propane. 

The handling, deployment and storage of hoses can have a major bearing on their safety, reliability and longevity and Fendercare Marine were keen to get expert advice on how to optimise the life of these products. Dantec Managing Director, John Laidlaw, spent 24 hours on board a VLGC (Very Large Gas Carrier) in the Gulf of Oman to oversee the deployment, subsequent operation and disconnection of two strings of Dantec Cryogenic hoses. 

Key assessments that needed to be undertaken included evaluation of appropriate use, safety, operational efficiency and characteristics as well as the introduction of suitable training procedures. 

Despite difficult conditions, with external temperatures often soaring to 47 degrees, Dantec were able to witness every part of the operation over some 24 hours and make a full integrity check of the process. During that time they were able to offer some practical advice on the slinging, hoisting and support of the hoses. Subsequently Dantec developed improvements to the process and also prototype designed custom support devices for the STS application. 

The combination of this guidance has helped Fendercare Marine benefit from significantly safer working practices and an overall reduction in long term asset costs. Further to the handling advice, Dantec also subsequently advised Fendercare Marine on best practice issues regarding visual inspection and rejection criteria for marine hoses, and these have now been incorporated into Fendercare Marine’s own training manuals for operatives. The careful implementation of such a comprehensive dedicated hose management system has seen the company make savings of approximately £100,000 a year. 

“The hose health checking initiative has had a massive impact on our processes, reducing the risks of product failure and downtime as well as identifying huge cost savings through better hose management.”

- Captain Marzee Tarapore, Mooring Master, Fendercare Marine

In addition to this Dantec has worked in conjunction with Gulf Distributor Flexiflo to design and conduct a training workshop and seminar to provide advice and guidance on “Composite Hose Management, Handling and Best Practice”. Operating conditions and excessive, incorrect or harsh handling will have an adverse effect that can markedly reduce the usable life of composite hoses. It is therefore imperative that operating personnel involved in handling composite hoses should be suitably trained to ensure long, trouble free service from these robust, versatile hoses.  

The event took place at the Pearl Hotel, Umm Al Quwain and was attended by 29 operatives and managers from 11 local companies. The event was a great success and all the attendees were awarded with a certificate of their attendance. 

Flexiflo was established in 1998 and has earned a world-class reputation for the assembly, welding, testing and certification of hoses and fittings. The company’s headquarters is in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai where it operates in a state of the art 6,000 sq metre workshop. Throughout its history, Flexiflo has built long lasting and close relationships with various suppliers including Dantec, allowing the company to combine world class products with its own leading assembly, testing and certification capabilities to deliver turnkey hose solutions to the end user. The Flexiflo professionals take pride in the job and maintain the company’s philosophy of quality and its aspiration to being the premier fluid handling specialist in the region. 

“Flexiflo are very pleased to participate with Dantec in raising the profile of good practice in hose management and seminars like this can do nothing but good in raising awareness of how to protect your hoses and personnel from damage, which will lead to safer, longer hose life. Like Dantec we feel our commitment to the customer has only begun when we sell them a hose assembly”

- Anand Ranganath, Flexiflo Director of Operations 


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