Executive Team

John Laidlaw
Managing Director
Email: john.laidlaw@dantec.com

Jon Loach
Sales Director
Email: jon.loach@dantec.com

Derek Connolly
Operations Director
Email: derek.connolly@dantec.com


International Sales Contacts

Asia, Middle East, India & Australia
John Laidlaw
Managing Director
E-mail: john.laidlaw@dantec.com

North America, Africa & Scandanavia
Jon Loach
Sales Director
E-mail: jon.loach@dantec.com

Europe & South America
Debbie Whittall
Export Sales Manager
Email: debbie.whittall@dantec.com

Benelux and Germany
Erik Toet
Sales Manager - Benelux and Germany
E-mail: erik.toet@dantec.com


Key Additional Contacts

Ross Lamb
Marketing Manager
Email: ross.lamb@dantec.com

Warren Tuft
Works Manager
E-mail: warren.tuft@dantec.com

Kevin Hobley
Technical Manager
E-mail: kevin.hobley@dantec.com

Robert Craig
Accounts Manager
Email: robert.craig@dantec.com

Neil Garroch
Quality Control
Email: neil.garroch@dantec.com

Reg Griffiths
Health & Safety Officer
Email: reg.griffiths@dantec.com

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