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( 06 / 08 / 2012 )

Merseyside based composite hose manufacturer Dantec is announcing its strongest year of trading since being established in 1969 driving turnover to £5.6m with pre tax profits of £454,000.

The Moreton based firm’s hoses are used to transfer petrol, oil products, chemicals and liquefied gases. Its managing director John Laidlaw, who led a management buy-out of the firm in 2011, said sales are being driven by a ‘thriving’ exports market which now accounts for 70pc of all sales.

“This has been another strong year for Dantec where we managed to just beat last year’s turnover and have our best year of trading,” he said. “Our job now is to build on the robust performance and catapult the business forward. Our aim is to grow turnover substantially to £6.5m next year and in the financial year 2014-15 we are gunning for £7.9m.  We see ourselves continuing to consolidate our position in the UK where our market position is very strong. However, it is the oil and petrochemical exports market that holds huge potential. Key regions we are actively targeting include Europe, the Middle East, the United States and South East Asia.”

Mr Laidlaw said Dantec is only ‘scratching the surface’ of the world wide composite hose market which he estimates is worth more than £45m.

“The global market is flooded with cheap, unsafe and weak composite hoses many produced at very low cost in Asia,” he said. “We know we can provide the safest, strongest and best value product on the market.  Our challenge now is take our hoses further and wider in the oil and petrochemical market than we have ever been before. We proved the calibre of our engineering, which all takes place here in Merseyside in the UK, when for 15 years we supplied the refuelling hoses for Formula One cars. This was at a time when F1 was doing all in its power to improve safety after a fire in the pits.”

Mr Laidlaw, who spearheaded export sales at the firm between 2001 and 2010, said a key weapon in the firm’s exports drive is to build on its network of 48 distributors 40 of which are worldwide.

“We are expecting to make a number of announcements about new deals with distributors shortly,” he said.

Dantec employs 48 people at its Moreton site.

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