back »Dantec doubles Middle East sales

( 14 / 08 / 2012 )

Merseyside based composite hose manufacturer Dantec has doubled Middle East sales in the last 12 months.

Dantec whose hoses are used to transfer petrol, oil products, chemicals and liquefied gases saw sales in the region surge 100pc to £270k.

The firm which works with Dubai based distributor Flexiflo Corp to target the Middle East has clients in the region including Jebel Ali based Petrochem Middle East.

Managing director John Laidlaw, said sales to the Gulf States are being driven by a move towards safe, quality, long lasting products.

"The Middle East market is currently dominated by weak product," he said. "However the market is rapidly maturing and demanding quality. Dantec supplies an advanced, safe and durable product which is seizing interest for its longevity and fitness for use. Our job now is to build on the robust Middle East performance of the last 12 months and catapult the business forward into new areas of the market."

Mr Laidlaw said that the firm is predominantly active in the ship to shore sector of fuel and chemical transfer, but sees huge potential for its fire safe petrol tanker loading hoses, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

"Tanker loading hoses are an essential part of the fuel supply chain," he said. "Saudi Arabia is a new market for this type of hose and having worked with BP in the UK for 14 years on its entire tanker fleet without failure, we can provide the safest, strongest and best value solution to this burgeoning market."

Mr Laidlaw said Dantec, which supplied refuelling hoses to Formula One for 15 years, sees the Middle East as a key target market citing Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and UAE as key players for growth in the region.

"As a hotbed of oil, gas and petrochemical activity, the Middle East is a priority focus for Dantec," he said. "We have a valued and key relationship with our regional distributor Flexiflo Corp, which enables us to aim the product at specific projects, firms and market sectors. We see huge potential for growth in the coming years driven by increased activity and demand for quality."

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