back »Dantec takes F1 FIRESAFE hose global

( 03 / 09 / 2012 )

Merseyside based composite hose manufacturer Dantec is stepping up the global supply of its FIRESAFE hose which was used extensively in Formula One.

Dantec’s FIRESAFE hose is designed for the transfer of flammable and hazardous liquids in environments where there is increased risk of explosion.

The hose shot to prominence in 1994 when it began its association with Formula One.

During the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim, driver Jos Verstappen was engulfed in flames when a refuelling hose breached. Dantec contacted Formula One who reviewed the FIRESAFE hose in action and placed an order the following day. Dantec went on to supply the sport for 15 years.

While the firm sees global potential for its top of the range product, it is keen to target the USA and Middle East where it says weaker product currently dominates the market.

The FIRESAFE hose is made from a series of specially designed ceramic cloths and heat reflective films to counter the radiant heat effects of the fire. This allows vapour to burn off slowly as the increased heat of the liquid inside the hose vaporises and seeks to escape.

The hose is flexible and durable while being flame resistant for more than 30 minutes safeguarding its contents. Even at temperatures approaching 1,200°C it will not burn.

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