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( 26 / 11 / 2012 )

Merseyside composite hose manufacturer Dantec is announcing a new deal with a Danish distributor as part of its campaign to ramp up exports.

Moreton based Dantec makes composite hose for the transfer of petrol, oil products, chemicals and liquefied gases. The new deal with Fontenay A/S brings the total number of distributors Dantec works with to 49 with 41 being overseas. The distributor network plays a major role in the firm’s exports drive which sees 70pc of its £5.6m turnover coming from abroad.

Dantec managing director John Laidlaw said the new deal with Fontenay A/S will be a ‘building block’ towards the firm’s objective to grow turnover to £6.5m in the next financial year. He said the contract will focus on selling Dantec’s Danoil hoses to the Danish market. The Danoil hoses are used to transfer petrol and oil based products between fuel trucks and storage tanks in filling stations or storage terminals.

Mr Laidlaw said the tough European market means it is vital to have the right distributors in place.                               

“Fontenay is a fuel industry specialist,” he said. “The firm only promotes a select range of products which enables it to focus on us, our key selling points and our target customers. Fontenay has excellent contacts and real depth of expertise in the petrochemical sector in Denmark. The EU region is struggling with the recession and sales are slower as a result. So it is vital to find dynamic distributors who can make things happen.”

Fontenay CEO, Uffe de Fontenay said the firm has wanted to work with Dantec for some time.

“Fontenay has built its business on supplying the best components and equipment to Denmark’s oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industries,” he said. “Dantec is just the kind of firm we want to work with because its products are of such a high calibre. Dantec’s composite hoses are very well designed, engineered and rigorously tested for durability and safety. They are the best in their class and I am confident they can make a big impact in Denmark.”

Mr Laidlaw said he estimates that the global composite hose sector is worth around £45m and Dantec is only ‘scratching the surface’ of the market.

“We are working our socks off right now promoting the business overseas,” he said. “Europe is only one element of our sales drive. We have just come back from South Korea where we are making great contacts in an effort to crack its shipbuilding market, as well as its tanker operator and tank terminal sectors. We are also due to stage a reception in the British Embassy in Singapore in December. We will use this as a platform to promote Dantec’s sales drive in South East Asia and we are expecting guests from Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. The region has huge potential for us as a hub of global transport and shipping.”

In October Dantec also announced a major campaign to target the United States after it partnered with Texas based agent True North Works. Dantec employs 48 people at its Moreton site.

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