Industrial Coupling Technology

Dantec manufacture and supply a wide range of hose couplings.

From industry standard camlocks, threaded couplings and flanges to bespoke fabrications such as elbows, extended stubs, and couplings with valves and lifting handles.
We also supply specialist designed weld neck flanges for extreme low temperature and pressures for use with our liquefied gas transfer hoses.

The standard materials available are 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel (Mild Steel), Aluminium and Ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). Our metal fittings are also available galvanised or with an ebonite coating for better chemical resistance.

We are also able to source couplings in all other materials such as other grades stainless steel and polymers, and high-end materials such as Hastelloy.

Dantec’s couplings have a specialist designed scroll tail which is purpose made to pair with the diameter and pitch of the inner wire helix. This alongside our pioneering technically cleaner and more environmentally friendly DRY-FIT assembly procedure allows for greater retention of end fittings than any of our rivals.

Due to our specialist assembly process, Dantec couplings cannot be sold loose and can only be assembled into Dantec composite hoses by an approved Dantec distributor.

Dantec also offer a wide range of ancillary adaptors, and augmented products that complement our hoses and couplings such as Hosebun, safety bumps, range of MannTek couplings and specialist Bend restrictors.

Swivel Stub & Flange
Part E Camlock
Part C Camlock
Lug Swivel Female
Fixed Flange
Threaded Male