Dantec offer a varied range of services that help with all your needs.

From inspections and repair service, hose management, online configuration, to handling and storage advice through to export documentation and logistics help. Please speak to a member of our sales team with all of your needs, we will always strive to help.


Dantec and its approved distributors are able to offer a re-test and repair service of its composite hose.

Repairs are available when the hose needs a replacement end fitting or there is impact damage near to the end of the coupling. The hose itself cannot be repaired only shortened to remove the damage.

Please follow our hose handling guide to ensure you get the best life from your Dantec composite hose:

Hose Handling Guide


Dantec and its distributors are able to visit your site, to perform periodic hose testing.

This can be done hydrostatically or visually. Dantec will provide up to date Test certification for every hose inspected.  Dantec also colour code the hoses in each periodic test, so end users can easily identify hoses that have not been inspected within the agreed testing period (usually 12 months)

Dantec also offer a hose management system to provide life history of your hose during inspections.

Hose management consists of a database that records the hose inspection and testing from the day it is assembled by Dantec or our Distributor to the day it is withdrawn from service. Test certification is available at all times on request for auditing or health and safety purposes.

Dantec also record the location of the hoses and are able to provide users with a manifest of which hoses are at which location or in road tanker use on which trailer.


Exporting to over 60 countries, covering every continent in the world, Dantec can offer a complete range of Export Documentation services required for worldwide trade and transit.

From the standard EUR1 forms, certificate of origins and legalisations, to the more specialist documents and pre-inspections. Whatever the requirement, our experienced export shipping team who are BCC accredited in International trade are here to help.

Sending small boxes to full containers, Dantec have built strong relationships with leading forwarders, couriers, airlines and shipping lines to be able to provide deliveries to even the most remote destinations.

Dantec ensure shipments are monitored every step of the way and keep customers notified of every stage.

Need any advice? Have any special requirements? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.


Dantec are committed to improving the safe handling of composite hose and also helping customers get the longest life possible from its products.

We recommend you annually inspect your hoses by Dantec, a Dantec distributor or third party inspection body. However please also inspect your hoses before every use, see attached for things to look out for.


Using our online hose configurator users can create and compare millions of possible hose combinations, providing purchasers with a time-saving platform without needing to look through numerous data sheets and brochures. It’s a fast and safe service to visualise a required hose assembly, send an enquiry or place an order.

The Dantec Configurator helps the user to easily pick the required hose type by filtering selected specifications. These factors include; application group, material liner, inner helix, outer helix, maximum working pressure, fire-safe technology and the max/min temperatures.

Dantec Configurator

Once the user has selected the hose type, they are able to virtually build the composite hose assembly by selecting the required size, length and required end couplings and securing method in five simple steps. The configuration can be locally saved or sent as a quotation request to Dantec.

We now also have MannTek configurator for you to build your required MannTek couplings.

MannTek Configurator


Dantec has Type Approval for all its hoses. However if you require a third party inspection or packing inspection Dantec can work with your nominated party to achieve this.

Dantec has experience working with all the major bodies including but not limited to DNV GL, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas and SGS.

Please discuss your needs with our sales or technical team and they will be able to help you through the process.

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